Tiki Port - Most Amazing Acai Bowls, Smoothies and Coffee in Ocean Beach

2201 Cable Street -

Home of Ocean Beach's First and Favorite Acai Bowl!

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Ocean Beach's Famous Acai Bowls and Smoothies!

The Tiki Port Ocean Beach location is the lst location in San Diego to serve a series of incredible, healthy and delicious acai bowls, with a great choice of fresh toppings. They have literally blew up the industry because  San Diego is now the number one City in the USA serving acai bowls.  Try an amazing Chronic Bowl today, made with Real Cherry Juice - No Fake News Here!


Amazing Hot Specialty Coffees

Fast, Friendly  "Drive Thru" Service! -

" Great Espresso and Smoothie Drive Thru." 

The KING CRIMSON Vanilla Latte is made with vanilla bean powder giving it that velvety Cappuccino texture and smooth refined taste that is unforgettable.

     3-Lane Drive Through - Parking - Outside Garden Seating


Chronic Caffeinated Cold Brew & Nitro on Tap

Request Caffeinated Real Cold Brew when requesting a Iced Vanilla Latte',  Mocha or a Frappe',  It's less acidic, it taste way better than if made with acidic espresso, and, has more body. The ice used in the beverage is obviously less diluted using real cold brewed coffee vs: boiling espresso.  It also took less time to make the beverage! My theory is that you should only use the espresso machine for Hot caffeinated beverages!  

 Simple Chemistry-Better Coffee!         

The owner Robert Allen can tell you about 101 things you can do with caffeinated cold brew that you never knew!          


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Tiki Port

2201 Cable Street, san diego, CA 92107, US

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